Saturday, 5 May 2012

Diets don't work!

Does this look familiar? Are you always trying the latest diets, maybe enjoying short term change only to find yourself gaining even more weight when the diets is over? Well, you're not alone. Dieting is big business and millions of people in the affluent western world are constantly trying the latest diets because the last one didn't work. There are a huge number of diet plans out there and even more individuals cutting out fat, carbohydrate and living off grapefruit, smoothies and protein shakes only to find that when the diet stops the weight piles back on so that you weigh more than you did before!  You might even end up with an eating disorder, an obsession with food or certainly with mild depression and a  sense of great frustration. We advocate a sensible, longer term approach. Do log in to share our top tips.

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