Sunday, 20 May 2012

Tip Number 3: Keep on moving!

How are you doing with your habit changing? Have you managed to sustain some change  at least some of the time? I hope so but if not it's time to refocus and concentrate again on whatever habit you picked ie drink more water, eat more fruit and vegetables, decrease unhealthy fats etc. 
The next thing we are looking at is exercise but the sort you have within your daily life. If you have been monitoring your steps with a pedometer and making a note of amount you have done each day, what conclusions have you drawn? How many steps have you taken? When did you do the most? 
If you are like most people especially those with sedentary type jobs you may find you do as little as 1,800 during a normal working day but 3-5000 when at home. The bad news is that you need to build up to 10,000 to lose weight. However, this is not as bad as it sounds. The key is to build up to that level and try to incorporate this into your normal everyday life. For example, parking at a car park further away from where you need to be, walking to the shops rather than taking the car,walking the dog a bit further, gardening, doing housework or using a stepper will do much to up your steps and overall level of  fitness. Ideally you need to be doing a minimum of 5,000 and working up to 10,000. This will not only improve fitness but increase your metabolism and assist you in losing those pounds without you hardly noticing. Even the busiest person can squeeze in some extra steps if they try.Why not give it a go? 

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